Interview Debrief Report

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In this milestone, you will conduct an interview with your contact from the small business or organization client on which you are focusing your final project: Management Information System Analysis and Design Project Report. The interview will help you narrow the possibilities of information systems you can recommend for your final project, based on time and resource constraints. The meeting should help you identify the scope of what the project will address. This will prepare you to later decide what technology recommendations are appropriate for the organization in the design phase for Milestone 5.

For this milestone, you will write an interview debrief report and start organizing the background information section of your final project.
To successfully complete this milestone assignment, follow these steps:

First, incorporating feedback you received from your Milestone 2 submission, conduct an interview with your contact from the small business or organization client that you are focusing on for your final project.

Then, summarize the interview in an interview debrief report that addresses the following:

  • Record how the interviewee responded to interview questions
  • Identify a business problem or need that an information system could address (within the scope of the semester). For example: If inventory levels are unknown, a point-of-sale (POS) system could be designed that provides real-time, on-demand inventory reports.
  • Describe the scope of what the project plan will include
  • Assess the type of data you will need to collect to help you evaluate the extent of the problem or needs (e.g., forms, reports, industry and journal articles, etc.)
  • Write a Statement of Business Requirement (bulleted list of the requirements needed of the system)

Submission Guidelines: Your interview debrief report should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.

To successfully complete this assignment, view the Milestone 3 Rubric document and Final Project document.

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