International Marketing Research Plan – Individual

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Every student is required to complete an individual project. This project includes developing a
marketing proposal for a company. This marketing proposal is for a new, or an existing product
or service, to be marketed in a new country. We will discuss about this research project in-details
in the class. The proposal will apply the lessons learned in this course and seek to demonstrate
the profit potential of the new product/service opportunity and the problems that need to be
overcome in order to achieve success. Students may select any product/service of his/her choice
for this marketing proposal project. Each student needs to finalize his/her topic, and have it
approved by the instructor before the second session. A written marketing proposal report and
power point presentation are due in the final class. The power point presentation should bring out
the main findings of the project. It will cover all the sections of the written report. There is no
maximum or minimum page limit for this written report, it should cover all the required sections
mentioned below.

  • The selected product/service should not be already introduced in the selected foreign
  • Here are the different sections of the research report.
    Throughout this course student will be working on developing an International Marketing Plan.
    The plan will consist of the following parts:

    • Part I: Product/Brand and Market Overview
    • Part II: Environmental Analysis
    • Part III: Market Research
    • Part IV: Market Segmentation, Positioning, and Targeting
    • Part V: Marketing Strategies, Objectives, and Goals
    • Part VI: The Marketing Mix (Product, Price)
    • Part VII: The Marketing Mix (Place, Promotion)

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