Intercultural Communications Discussion

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Read the Case Study entitled “Adventure English: Experiences with Face-Saving” in this week’s “Documents and Resources.”

In a minimum two page paper respond to at least two of the questions for each of the three parts and the epilogue below. 

1. From Part 1: 

a)       How did Jackie Wong establish a relationship with Cory Wright and the Adventure English company? How does this relate to the notion of face?

b)       How did Cory Wright initially respond to Jackie Wong? How well did this response address the face of Jackie Wong?

c)       How do you think Cory Wright’s use of humor was perceived by Jackie Wong after a request was made that the children be taken care of well?

d)       In terms of face, how do you think Jackie Wong felt about receiving Cory Wright’s prompt price proposal fax?

e)       What other aspects of Part 1 do you think relate to face-saving? Why?

2. From Part 2: 

a)       What expectations do you think the Taiwan group leaders had for being greeted the airport? Do you think they felt the airport and transportation arrangements were respectful? Why?

b)       In what order did Superintendent Li and Jackie Wong present their American counterparts with their gifts? Was there a distinction among gifts? What do you think this manner of gift-giving indicated about face-saving and face-granting? 

c)       How did Robin Phillips present gifts to and accept gifts from members of the Taiwan group? In what ways was this different from the Chinese approach? Why do you think Superintendent Li may have felt a loss of face?

3. From Part 3: 

a)       Do you think Jackie Wong’s apology was based on a feeling that Jackie had done something wrong? Why? How do you think Robin Phillips interpreted the apology? Why?

b)       For whom was Jackie Wong acting as an intermediary? How did Jackie Wong’s acting as an intermediary help save face? 

c)       What requests did Jackie Wong make? Do you think Jackie Wong felt that the Taiwan group’s requests were being honored by Robin Phillips? Why? How do you think Jackie Wong felt about Robin Phillip’s references to business-oriented solutions? Why?

d)       Why didn’t Superintendent Li voice her concerns when Robin Phillips approached her? 

4. From the Epilogue: 

a)       Why do you think Jackie Wong and Superintendent Li would not return phone calls or other communications?

b)       Do you think Jenny Chan lost face? Why? What effects might this have on Adventure English?

c)       How could the American hosts have acted differently to show respect (give face) to the Taiwan group leaders and avoid loss of their business in subsequent years?

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