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Student Project: Creative Corner

This is an analysis for advertising Porsche.

Creative Brief for Porsch


Objective: to change consumers view that the Porsche can be driven every day.

Target Audience:30 to 55-year-old consumers, slightly more male, college educated, with annual incomes of approximately $100,000. Psychographically, the targeted market is a group known as individualists. They tend not to buy mainstream products. In automobile selection, they place greater emphasis on design elements, distinctiveness, and utility. Social status is important.

Background information:Market research found that potential customers balked at the idea of buying a car just to sit around. When asked what kept them from driving the car every day, they said, “I don’t feel comfortable driving in city traffic. It doesn’t have the technology that I need to manage my everyday life. It doesn’t have space for passengers.”

Message Theme:The Porsche can be driven every day for normal activities. It does not have to sit in the garage and only driven on weekends. It has the newest technology and can comfortably carry passengers

Constraints:All ads must contain the Porsche logo.

5-36 As an account executive for an advertising agency, discuss the creative brief in terms of the completeness of the information provided and whether the objective is realistic. What additional information should Porsche provide before a creative can begin working on the account?

5-37 The media planner for the Porsche account suggests a media plan consisting of cable television, print advertising, Internet ads, and network advertising on Family Guy, CSI, Monday Night Football, Big Bang Theory, and American Idol. Evaluate this media plan in light of the creative brief’s objectives. Can these shows reach the target audience? What information does a creative and the account executive want from the media planner before starting work on actual commercials?

5-38 Using the information provided in the creative brief, prepare a magazine advertisement. Which magazines might match the target audience?

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