initiative process in the state of California.

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California is one of a handful of states that permits voters to place initiatives ballot for a direct vote of the people.Although this innovation was undertaken in an attempt by the masses to break the stranglehold of elite special interests, many critics charge that the initiative process in California today actually works to the advantage of those very same special interests.

For this assignment, please research the various ballot initiatives that have been placed before California voters since 1911.You can use the links listed below to get helped.Based on your research, please do the following:

  • Name and briefly describe 3 initiatives designed to serve the interests of elites in this country.How would they help elites?Did they pass?
  • Name and briefly describe 3 initiatives designed to break the power of elites and to promote the “little guy.”.How would they contribute to this goal?Did they pass?

You may use the following links

California Secretary of State Initiative Page

Hastings College of Law Proposition Database

List of California Ballot Propositions

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