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The purpose of this discussion is to explore the role of advocacy in addressing public health issues.

Successfully addressing some public health issues may be more difficult if effective approaches conflict with existing health care policy. For example, there has been credible research to support the palliative properties of marijuana for some medical conditions, but until recently, marijuana was an illegal substance in the United States. Policy changes—and political changes—were required to make it available for patients, and this required significant advocacy efforts in several states.

Some aspects of the issue raised in the Riverbend City: Public Health Advocacy Mission conflict with current health care policy. For example, to what extent do you think the government should be empowered to ensure that all school children are immunized against measles? As you work through this mission, develop your own ideas about how you might advocate for (or against) mandatory immunization.

For your initial post in this discussion make the case for whichever stance you would take. Define your viewpoint on immunization and describe the policy approach you have in mind, explaining how it would support the ability of the community to prevent the spread of disease. Provide evidence for your point of view, citing readings from this unit which strengthen your case. In particular, use Bliss’s “Role of Advocacy in Health Care Reform” article to identify an instance from recent history when this type of policy change proved to be effective.

This is a discussion assignment with a minimum of 250 words with scholarly and peer reviewed references and citations.

Discussion Participation Scoring Guide

  • Analyzes course concepts, theories, or materials correctly, using examples or supporting evidence.
  • Collaborates with fellow learners, relating the discussion to relevant course concepts and extending the dialogue.
  • Applies relevant professional, personal, or other real-world experiences to extend the dialogue.
  • Validates position with applicable knowledge.

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