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Claim: The paired continuum that is relevant to the conflict in this case is individualism vs. collectivism. The young generation in the Philippines have traveled to Banaue to compensate their income or solely focus on jobs involving tourism as a means to make a living. One resident is quoted saying, “ I only made 300 dollars a year from farming but I can’t live on this amount, but when I drive for tourists I can earn fifteen to twenty dollars a day.” Lack of pay from agriculture, maintaining the rice terraces which are the reason tourists visit the Philippines. This illustrates individualism vs. collectivism as the “individual” (the young generation) seems to care more about providing for themselves than the collective greater good, which would be sustained by caring for the Rice Terraces.

Definition: what is the definition of your chosen world view continuum?

Interestingly Individualism vs. Collectivism is the world view continuum that captured my attention. Individualism is the preference for independence and self reliance while collectivism focuses on the advancement of a group. In my humble opinion, America focuses on individualism but also has a quasi collectivism culture. As we know, in the states, individuals are praised for their accomplishments and are not a socialist culture, however, major corporations and entities based in the U.S. such as Google and Harvard are praised as collectives because each is a successful group.

Example: In which way do you think this world view continuum is reflected through the case? I think my chosen world view continuum is reflected through the case in that the debacle over “me” or “we” is evident in the struggle for survival of residents in the Philippines. Do they focus on making a decent living, taking on jobs other than tending the rice terraces or do they focus on maintaining the lands (rice terraces) that bring tourists to their country, sustaining the economy.

Explanation: The Government in the Philippines should pass a law requiring all young adults serve two years sustaining rice terraces (similar to the laws of Israel requiring young adults serve two years in the military) and explain to the people, until the country finds another source of revenue, maintaining the rice terraces is vital to their economy. [word count 373]

Word Count 100

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