independent research project 1

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1 – Review the IRP Module and IRP Assignment.

2 – Review the IRP Data Sources document to start thinking about your research question and data sources for your IRP.

3 – Submit your draft IRP for anonymous peer review. (4%)

(Due June 14)


In the Independent Research Project (IRP), students conduct an analysis project using SAS primarily and Excel as needed to analyze real-world data.

Uploading Excel File for IRP :

  • In the first assignment (IRP Research Question and Data Set), you identified the data set you wanted to use, developed a research question, and identified a statistical question that could be answered analytically.
  • In this assignment, you will create and submit a business memo (template attached) that clearly communicates your analysis of the data set you identified in the previous assignment. When you submit this draft of your IRP, you will get feedback from your classmates and your instructor. You should use this feedback to improve your IRP.
  • In later assignments (IRP Memorandum, IRP Presentation, Presentation Questions Reply), you will submit the final version of your IRP, create and submit a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your IRP, present your analysis via a recorded video presentation, and answer questions about your presentation.

4 – Submit IRP Research Question and Dataset. (1%)

Due June 15

Prepare a Word document with the following information:

  • Your research question for your IRP.
  • The statistical question that you hope to answer by analyzing the data set you picked.
  • If you are going to do an ANOVA:
    • The name of your categorical variable (the Independent variable), you need at least three levels. (e.g. Origin – USA, Asia, Europe.
    • The name of your continuous variable (the dependent variable), you need at least 30 records per level of your IV. (e.g. MSRP)
  • If you are going to do a Linear Regression:
    • The name and type of your dependent variable (e.g. MSRP – Continous)
    • The name and type of your independent variable (e.g. Make – Categorical, Horsepower – Continous, Weight – Continous).
  • The name, source, and a link to your data set. Include a brief discussion of the number of records in your dataset and your sample size (if necessary). Do not submit your data set at this time.

6 – Work on your IRP. Sign up for your IRP Presentation (or learn how to use PowerPoint narration).

7 – Submit your IRP (10%) and conduct your IRP Presentation (2%). Online – submit narrated PowerPoint, Face-to-Face – Live presentation.

Due June 18

The “World Happiness Index” is not an acceptable dataset for the IRP.

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