Inception Revision Internet Based Enterprise

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I have attached an example of what the professor is looking for in the first paper. This is project consist of 6 deliverables which I have also attached the overall instructions for all deliverables. We are working on deliverable 1, but please look at all deliverables as this will better help understand the big picture of what is expected. Each deliverable will require the MS project to be updated, look over the first one sent if there need to be adjustments since there will be a lot of task and sub task when it’s all said and done. I will send you separate deliverables each week and also revisions with examples. Please let me know what a fair price will be for each deliverable, each deliverable is about 4-6 pages in word and updating the project schedule with 5 new task and 5-10 new sub task. Deliverable 6 will consist of writing a 5 to 10 page executive summary and the 10 -15 page power point presentation and putting all the other deliverables together.

For this revision, Please select a name for the company. And the below bulleted sections need updating with specific data information. The example 1 paper attached will show the types of specific data for idea purposes. Also need specific description for the system database, interfaces and security, again use the example paper 1 to get an idea of what type of information the professor is expecting.

  • The specific types of data that the company collects.
  • A description of the information systems that the company currently has to support the business. The description at a minimum should include the following:
    • Operational Systems and Databases
    • Analytics and Interfaces
    • Infrastructure and Security

Attachments, paper that need revision. example paper, and full project overview of all deliverables.

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