In your own words, define self, psychology homework help

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As you will note from the text, everyone seems to know what the “self” is; however, hardly anyone can actually say what it is. To develop a more scientific understanding of self, scientists begin with the functions of self, its differences from other selves, and its source.  In considering the self, it is important to look at our own views of self and how we have seen others view themselves. In responding to the following discussion, utilize the concepts of self you read about in Chapter 3.  Please respond to all of the following prompts in the class discussion section of your online course:  

  • In your own words, define self. 
  • How has your own self changed since grade school? How has it changed since high school? 
  • What parts of your self have stayed the same?

I hope these  attachments help.  Please make sure u use in text citations, and have a references page. 

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