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The In the News assignment has been designed to give you the opportunity to review current news articles about one of the Healthy People assigned focus area addressed by the Healthy People 2020 program’s Vision, Mission, Overarching Goals:

******Your assigned focus area is Vision Health! This is the only subject you need to consider!******

To prepare for this assignment, keep your eyes open for an article in an online news publication that relates to your Healthy People assigned focus area (Vision Health). The news article should be intended for the general public. Examples of such sources follow:

  • Magazines and newspapers (e.g., The New York Times)
  • Health news websites (e.g., National Public Radio’s (NPR’s) “Health” section)
  • News updates from government sites, such as “In the News” at the National Institutes of Health site (, upper right-hand corner of homepage) or “Science News” at the National Institute of Mental Health

When you find an article:

  • Consider how it relates to your Healthy People assigned focus area (Vision Health)
  • Review the current statistics stated in the article

Post a summary of the article AND include a comprehensive response of 600–750 words to the following questions:

  • Does the article address a biomedical perspective, a prevention perspective, or both? Please explain.
  • What levels (or level) of the social ecology of health model are addressed in the topic? See p. 15, Figure 1.1 of your text.

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