i will need 2 responses to the following 2 discussion board posts see attached 13

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I will need 2 responses to the following 2 discussion board posts. (see attached)

This week’s discussion and Faith Integration: Read Ruth 2:12, Nehemiah 8:12, Matt. 6:14-15. Discuss your experience in working with a group for this project and how you would compensate the team for their performance. What incentive did you have to complete the project and how did that incentive affect the final outcome and your ability to relate to and work alongside of your team mates? What Biblical principles did you incorporate into the actual completion of the project? Under what circumstances could the final product of this project be used in a real life organization? What would the goal be in presenting this power point?

For the 2 responses – In addition, learners post a minimum of two responses to peer initial responses. The peer response should include additional research that expands upon one of key points noted in your peers initial response. The peer reply should be composed in a professional manner with a word count range of 150-200 words each.

  • Noe, R. (2016) Fundamentals of Human Resource Management(ISBN 9780077718367).New York, NY: McGraw Hill Education.

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