I want you to write one page Memorandum on the topic below

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Situation; Martin Luther’s posting of the 95 theses for debate on the door of the all Saints church in Wittenbergin 1519 had widespread consequences on the direction of Europen history through 1565.

Your Task; Based on information in chapter 13 of the text, write a one or two-page memo of a brief paragraph each (3-4 sentences) on the following topics;

– The scandal of indulgences in the Roman Catholic Church.

– Luther’s main points that he hoped would be debated.

– The general consequences of Luther’s propositions.

– How Protestantism spread on the continent of Europe and Scandinavia as a result of Luther’s propositions.

– The domestication of reforms that resulted from Luther’s propositions.

– The reformation in England and how Protestantism became dominant in England.

– The resulting rebirth of the Roman Catholic Church and key concept of the New catholic Christiantiy.

The book name is called western civilization, Their History and Culture 18th edition, by Joshua Cole and Carol Symes.

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