I need two 25 page original research papers

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I urgently need two 25 page research papers, so 50 pages in total. It is extremely urgent, I need it in 24 hours. This requires either a team working on this or someone who writes very fast. APA Format with Citations. I need them to be original, and follow this exact formatting: Times New Roman, 12 pt font, 1,5 spacing. I need the papers to be 100% plagiarism free. You can use quotes (not too much) and insert two pictures of visuals in each to increase page count. The topics with a brief outline (you can stray from this) are the following

Project 1 Title: The Lean Construction Technique

Project Objectives:

1. Show that the Lean Construction Technique is useful and important in modern construction.

2. Find the most important benefits of the Lean Construction Technique.

3. Find potential improvements in the implementation of the Lean Construction Technique.

Project 2 Title: Earthquake Engineering for Infrastructure

Project Objectives:

1. Discover the latest techniques used in Earthquake Engineering.

2. Find the most important Earthquake Engineering Techniques that are especially useful in the protection of infrastructure.

3. Establish a set of improvements that can be made to infrastructure to be better engineered to withstand earthquakes.

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