I need to write a issue analysis on voting at the age 16.

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For this essay, you will write a well-researched analytical essay that examines, explains and analyzes an issue – with multiple, possibly conflicting perspectives – which you have chosen to write about. Opportunities for analyzing issues, problems or situations are found in every discipline, workplace and real-life situations. If you are an engineer, a business person, a scientist, a writer or just a voting citizen, you will be called upon to think about, closely examine and often to write documents that analyze in order to understand complicated issues in our professions or our lives. Every day there are complicated issues in current or past events, whether it is to understand the use of drones in modern warfare or the issue of prescription drug abuse on campus, which occupy our minds. Your essay will include background information that readers need to understand the issue as well as analysis of the opinions of various stakeholders* and subtopics of the larger issue. Your goal is to write a coherent, sophisticated analysis that will engage and inform your readers.

*Stakeholder: a group of people that is affected by an issue, whether they are potentially harmed by it, stand to gain from it, or their lives or those of people close to them are in some way touched by it

Synthesis/Thesis Statement:

Your thesis statement should be centered on an inclusive sentence or sentences that provide an overview for the reader and predict what your paper is about. If your issue is the use of prescription drug abuse, for example, your thesis should address the various stakeholders and perspectives in this issue and be clear, specific and focused. You will want to synthesize in your thesis all the moves you make as a writer who teases out the various components of this problem and analyzes how the various articles you research are arguing about how to solve the problem or why there is a problem. Your beginning thesis will be what we call a working thesis. That means that as you write your first draft of the paper, which may be a discovery draft, you will return to and change your thesis to include perhaps another perspective that you did not originally know about (perhaps you forgot to include the doctors who prescribe such drugs at first and just concentrated on the pharmaceutical companies, the young people, and sociologists). The thesis in your final paper will be that polished and finished statement or statements that are all inclusive and synthesize the various sub-issues or perspectives covered in the paper.

Analysis of Multiple Perspectives, Sub-Issues and/or Stakeholders (the body paragraphs):

In your research, you will need to find articles (both scholarly and mainstream press) that support any claim you make and build a framework in your essay that not only analyzes the views of various stakeholders or perspectives or sub-issues within the larger issue but also examines the justifications made by these groups. Notice how the various groups argue. Can you analyze the arguments rhetorically? Ideally, your analysis will be sophisticated, in that it does not just see two sides of an issue, but sees multiple parts of a larger situation, while carefully examining or analyzing each part.

Organization: Your essay should follow a clear organization plan that is logical and easy for the reader to keep up with; your thesis statement should give readers a sense of this plan. Sentences and paragraphs should be coherent and focused, and transitions should help the essay to flow clearly.

Research, Support or Evidence:

You will need to back up each claim you make within the analysis. You will use your sources to build credibility and gain authority to speak as a writer on a particular topic. Your aim is to persuade your audience of your

deeper understanding of this issue, thus you must use credible sources to back up everything you say. You can use your knowledge of ethical, emotional or logical appeals to analyze what various groups write about their role in the problem. You’ll want to avoid logical fallacies within your own writing. You will use both direct quotes and paraphrases and will cite all your sources correctly in the text as well as prepare a Works Cited page to accompany the essay.

Your six sources should be credible and 3-4 of the six should be scholarly ones. You can have several also from respected news sources like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc. You should show that you are able to evaluate the ethos or credibility in the selection of your sources. Selected information should always be relevant to the central argument as well as quoted or paraphrased correctly to support each claim. They should also be well integrated into developed paragraphs and not just be dropped in but contextualized. This means each quote or paraphrase should back up or provide some support for your ideas, your analysis. You could also be analyzing how these various groups are making their arguments regarding their own role in the issue or problem.

Formatting Requirements of the Paper:

 Include an interesting and descriptive title that clearly announces the issue you are analyzing.

 Must be 1500 words (six pages) in the essay itself.

 Use Times MLA formatting standards

 Include Works Cited page written in MLA style including 3-4 scholarly and 2-3 mainstream sources (for a total of six sources).

 Submit final essays electronically

Grading or Assessment:

Your essay will be graded on the following:


 Synthesis/Thesis

 Organization

 Research (use of sources, integrating sources, etc.)

 Conventions (style, grammar, etc.)

Due Dates

  • Rough Draft: 11/24


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