I need Response Paper about two articles I uploaded.

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Response paper questions to consider:

  • What is the author’s central claim, argument, or point? (This may be a place to start from in your response papers.)
  • What evidence does the author provide to support their arguments?
  • What could be added to the work to make it more complete?For instance, is there other media, especially empirical research, that we can use to support/refute/or add to the evidence?
  • What assumptions does the author make?
  • What did you find surprising, important, interesting, or relevant?
  • What do these arguments mean for children?

Response paper “Dos and Don’ts”:


  • Backup your claims with science and relevant material discussed in class
  • Build off ideas mentioned in class, adding your own thoughts and insights
  • Use specific examples from the paper and, potentially, from other sources
  • Think deeply: Analyze, Evaluate, Create


  • Only summarize the paper
  • Make superficial, obvious insights
  • Simply repeat ideas mentioned by others in class

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