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Academic Reflection 1 Prompt:

Beverly Daniel Tatum in her article “The Complexity of Identity: ‘Who Am I?’” identifies three key questions that individuals might reflect on as they think about their identity: “Who am I now? Who was I before? Who will I become?” (9). Tatum explores the factors that shape an individual’s identity and contribute to how an individual will answer those three questions. Consider those factors and how they impact your reflection and your responses to the three key questions. Then in an academic reflection of 500-600 words, communicate how Tatum’s work influences (or does not influence) your own thinking about your identity.

Tips for writing a strong Academic Reflection

An academic reflection for this course has three sections: Description, Analysis, and Conclusions

Description: Explain the reading(s), lecture, video, and/or discussion that the reflection is based on.

  • What is the author’s purpose?
  • What is the author’s main argument?
  • What specific point(s) of the author’s argument are you responding to.

Analysis: Use specific detail to support your analysis.

  • Is this author credible? Justify.
  • How does it support your previous understandings or conflict with them?
  • Why were specific aspects of the author’s argument particularly interesting or challenging to you?

Conclusions: Use specific detail to support your conclusions.

  • What have you learned about the topic and about yourself?
  • What questions or new ideas do you have that you would like to explore?

Submit a polished document in MLA Format. See Purdue OWL:


Review the UNIV 1141 Academic Reflection 1 Grading Rubric

NOTE: Attach as a Word docx or a pdf.

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