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A manufacturer of soft drinks wants to conduct a consumer survey about shopping habits. The following variables are included in the study: Attitude towards the soft drink brand, monthly soft drink purchasing frequency, gender, trust in food retailers, age.

  • Which of the listed variables is/are (a) construct/s? Justify your answer and discuss the typical characteristics of a construct.
  • Choose a variable you identified as a construct in question (a) and formulate one or more questions in a questionnaire that could be used to measure this construct. Hint: You are allowed to use established scales from literature. For this purpose, conduct a brief literature review and select an academic paper that measures this construct. Don’t forget to cite this paper.
  • The marketing researcher wants to make sure that the measurement of all variables is reliable and valid. What establishes a reliable and valid measurement?
    10-3 At what
    level of scale measurement are the following items? Justify your answers.

    • Temperature
    • Barcode
    • Number of a person’s friends
    • Address
    • Tax rates
    • Weight
    • Clock time
    • Ranking of preferred brands

    10-4 The
    questions below are made-up questions in a fictive questionnaire. Indicate (1)
    the respective scale type, (2) the level of scale measurement
    (nominal/ordinal/interval/ratio), and (3) possible calculations (frequency,
    mode, range, median, mean, standard deviation) of each question in the grey boxes
    and justify your answers. You may fill out the questions if this is helpful for

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