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1. In one to two paragraphs, introduce yourself to the class. You may include why you are taking the class, what you teach or want to teach, the age level that you teach or are interested in teaching, your major, your hobbies, or anything else you want to share with us.

2. In one to two paragraphs, discuss your rationale for having comprehensive school health education.

3. Go to: Healthy People https://www.healthypeople.gov/, 2020 Topics & Objectives, Adolescent Health.

Select a Healthy People 2020 objective that relates to schools and school-age youth. In one to two paragraphs, explain how you could incorporate this objective into your school, or your classroom in a fun, inspiring, and challenging way.

4. In one to two paragraphs, discuss how you have used, or will use multimedia technologies in the classroom. Describe an innovative way to use technology in the classroom to teach health.

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