I am a pro life… I need a very good response for this…

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My article for this assignment is: Meet Dr. Willie Parker, Perhaps the Bravest Christian Abortion Provider in the US

http://www.truth-out.org/buzzflash/commentary/dr-willy-parker-christian-abortion-provider/18888-dr-willy-parker-christian-abortion-provider (Links to an external site.) 

          This article is about Dr. Willie Parker. Who is Dr. Parker? He performs abortions at the only abortion clinic in all of Mississippi that has lasted while others have closed or have been shut down. He flourished at Harvard medical school despite a humble and poor childhood in Birmingham, Alabama. He became a Christian as a boy and attended Baptist churches. When he first became an obstetrician, he flat out refused to do abortions under any circumstances. Like Dr. David Gunn before him who also performed abortions, he receives threats on his life on a regular basis. His name and personal contact information has been published by antiabortionists similarly to Dr. Gunn. Unfortunately Dr. Gunn was murdered in 1993 by an antiabortion fanatical. This article also mentions while in his lavish lifestyle he had “a come to Jesus” moment and decided performing abortions on women to assist in raising women out of poverty. His new mission is the concept of reproductive justice. He is now serving women in their darkest hour when they are at their neediest. Eight abortion doctors have been assassinated in the past 2 decades while 17 are attempted murder victims. Mississippi has passed at least 5 laws that restrict access to abortions.

  I found this article and the one about Dr. Parker in the September, 2014 issue of Esquire when I was writing another paper on the subject of abortion. It is close to my heart because like me he is a Christian but is called a hypocrite because he performs abortions. I am called a hypocrite for other reasons. Naturally I agree with this article. Even though I am a Christian like Dr. Parker, I do support that women have the right to choose to give birth or have an abortion. It is a very tough decision for any women. My suggestion is to read the September 2014 article in Esquire magazine called The Abortion Ministry of Dr. Willie Parker so you can read stories of the women he has helped by performing abortions. In my opinion this article is credible because of the numerous other articles about Dr. Parker. I don’t think abortion is neither a disorder nor an eccentric behavior. Chapter 13 discusses contraception and abortion. Abortion is a tough choice. It is helpful to know there is support out there and other people like you who may have made the decision to have an abortion for the same reasons as you.

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