HUN 1201 Analyze this diet

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Analyze This Diet_1_.xlsx This ilink contain the data you will be using to respond to the questions. It is recommended that you print a working copy for yourself prior to starting.

You are going to analyze a diet in this activity. You will be provided all the information needed to complete the assignment. Some data are intentionally left blank and require that you use your knowledge from this course only to answer the questions. Your responses should not be based on your opinion unless specifically stated in the question. You will respond, using scientific facts from this course.


  1. You have ONLY 1 attempt to complete this assignment.
  2. You cannot resubmit your work
  3. Do not click the submit button until you are truly ready to send it to the instructor. Do not accidentally hit the submit button. You will not be able to resubmit or continue where you left off.
  4. If your computer malfunction and automatically submit your assignment, that is a risk you take, so make sure you have a reliable computer with a reliable Internet access.
  5. Since this is mostly calculations, either your answer is correct or incorrect, no partial credit given for almost a correct answer.
  6. Read ALL parts of the questions fully before writing your answer.
  7. In most answers, just write the numeric answer answer only. Do not include any other character unless specifically stated in the question.
  8. The response feeeback will not be available until after the due date of this assignment regardless of when you completed yours.

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