how you are part of a dynamic duo in your own life and what song represents your dynamic duo relationship

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For your final assignment, please think about how YOU are part of a Dynamic Duo in your own life and what song represents your dynamic duo relationship.

In 2 pages, your response paper should have 2 paragraphs.

In Paragraph#1, think of a Dynamic Duo from your own life. You are one of the two in the duo. From memories of your own life, when were you engaged in a Dynamic Duo and with who? Choose ONE of the Dynamic Duo categories we’ve been working with (Romantic Charisma, Partners in Crime, Unlikely Duos, Forbidden Duos, Spooky Entanglement Duos, Otherworldly Duos) and EXPLAIN WHY this category best fits your relationship. How did you change each other from being in this Dynamic Duo relationship? Include SPECIFIC and DETAILS to support your claims.

Because West Side Story is a musical, and the relationships in the film are explored through melody and lyrics, in Paragraph#2, please choose a specific piece of music that describes your Dynamic Duo relationship. In other words, if a film was made of your relationship, what would the theme song be? Why? This song can be with or without lyrics, but you must justify your choice. Feel free to include a link to the song!

Here are some explanation of some of categories:

Category 1: Romantic Charisma

moments of electricity or beams of light passing between the dynamic duos. You might discuss specific examples of moments when words or behavior (gestures, facial expressions, actions, spatial relationships) of one of the characters deeply affects and changes the other.

Film: Casablanca and A Star is Born (2018)

Category 2: Unlikely duos

Unlikely Duos are fascinating as they act as opposites for one another. There are moments from each film in which one character brings out the reality/authenticity of another character and pushes past a preconceived or constructed illusion. How do they do it? Why do they do it? Why are they successful? Explores WHY or HOW an unlikely pairing, more than a pairing of like-minded individuals, is better able to uncover the reality/authenticity in one another

Film: Midnight Cowboy and Brokeback Mountain

Category 3: Spooky entanglement

It refers to when 2 particles or people are intimately linked to each other, even if they are miles apart. When there is a change induced on one, it will also affect the other. An example of this Let the right one in when Oskar was being bullied & forced to hold his breath under water for 3 minutes.Although Eli moved away, Eli could sense that he was in distress and came immediately to save him.

Film: Let the right one in (2008) and A GIRL WALKING HOME ALONE (2014)

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