How might Armstrong’s description of “rituals” offer a model by which individuals and communities can construct meaning for concepts such as love or life?

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Must have clear thesis statement. I also would like you to highlight the thesis before handing it in.

Must be in MLA Format, 1 inch margins, 12 pt font times new roman, double spaced.

Must be 5 full pages, not 4 full pages and 1 page that’s 3/4 full.

Do not summarize, include quotes from the new humanities reader that I will provide for you. the readings that you must read pages 458-478, this is about Turkle, then pages 165-189 this is about Fredrickson, and finally, pages 1-18 this is about Karen Armstrong. After using quotes to back up your argument you have to explain the quotes, obviously refrain from using these types of phrases:
“this quote explain that….”

“in conclusion….”

The link to the pdf:…

I need an outline like the one attached.

I also need a works cited page.

I need minimal grammatical errors (Grammarly can help with that)

This isn’t a personal essay, so refrain from using first person perspective writing: I, Me,My, Etc.

I attached below an outline that you can use as a guide, the outline is about the first reading- Fredrickson.

I attached both previous papers having to do with this, do not copy and paste material from previous essays. Use the papers as a guide.

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