How do your map(s) help to analyze, visualize and explain the story you are telling?

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For your fourth Story Map progress report, please report on your maps by responding to the following question: How do your map(s) in your Story Map help to analyze, visualize and explain the story you are telling? Discuss the choices you are facing, such as which map layers you are using, the zoom level, and how to combine map layer into one map or to use them as separate maps.

*** I attached the story maps.

Story Map Topic: Malaria in Uganda

(Water Planet course, so it must relate to water, climate, etc.)

1st set of story map, we are discussing the population density, gross national income, and deaths of malaria in Uganda.

-Each attachment is named so just talk describe the story maps, analyze and how it affects the people in Uganda and malaria.

2nd set of story maps: World physical map and uganda river and lakes

**I attached screenshots with the world physical map and Uganda river and lakes. Again, just analyze what you see and how it relates to malaria and Uganda.

For full credit, you must write a full paragraph speaking to the above question and a second full paragraph describing your individual contribution towards the group project during the week at hand, similar to past weeks.

**Basically just talk about what I “contributed.” So just say we all chose the layers for the story map and the topics we decided to talk about like pop. density, gross national income, etc.

-No sources needed. Everything must be in own words

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