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Northouse (2018) on p. 339 differentiates being “good” based on character versus doing ‘good’ based on conduct. For this Discussion topic you need to identify how your ethical compass works. Read pages 336-344 in the Northouse text and share your thoughts on how your ethical compass is designed. Figure 13.1 on page 340 identifies three categories of ethical theories based on either self-interest or interest of others: Ethical Egotism, Utilitarianism, and Altruism. For the first part of this question, describe where you would fall on this grid and why? Which domain on ethical theories do you most subscribe to; conduct or character? What do you base this on? Describe an example of an ethical decision you were faced with where you had to rely on your internal ethical compass to become an “exemplary leader” in decision making. Assess how you embraced the commitment to “seize the initiative” and “exercise outsight.”

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