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For this paper you will create a proposal for Congress that compares and evaluates national and global healthcare systems and policies, and creates a plan to help the committee with their efforts. You will perform research on national and international healthcare access and how we can create national and global policies that increase access to health care and support a culture of diversity at healthcare facilities. Then compare the United States health care delivery system to other developed countries in regards to health care access. Evaluate how healthcare policy-making both directly and indirectly impacts the national and global healthcare delivery systems (The CDC and NIH websites could serve as good source to help). Finally, research how you could create programs and policies that support a culture of diversity in this effort (ADA and EEOC regulations could serve as good sources to help). HS230 Unit 6 Assignment Kaplan University School of Health Sciences Requirements This Assignment will be at least 3 pages long in APA format, with a word count of at least 700. The paper should have at least three references other than the book for the course. Grading criteria will be based upon APA guidelines, spelling and grammar.

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