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Aligning Staffing Systems with Organizational Strategy each question is in reference to the firm/company Home Depot!!!!

These are only discussion board question so no title page is needed Just number and answer ** Original answers please followed by any references besides the ones listed below. Each answer should be at least 200 word minimum!!!!

1. Using table 7.1 on pages 253 and 254 of your textbook,discuss the development methods that would add value to your Capstone organization. Which methods does your organization currently utilize? How could these methods be improved? Which methods should your organization use and why?

2. Donald Kirkpatrick’s Four level Evaluation Model, devised in the 1970s
and a standard tool in training circles Evaluate the value and
limitations of the model in practice. Find an article or webpage that
offers updated information on Kirkpatrick’s model. Discuss the changes
in the model since 1970. Are the improvements significant? Why or Why
not? How would application of such a model improve training in your
organization? What ways could you evaluate results if you were devising
a training program?

3. First, consider your firm’s orientation in regards to the Miles and
Snows framework. How will the firm retrain, hire staff, or outsource
to meet future demand? How might the processes be improved considering
the strategic orientation?


Hunt, S.T. (2014). Common Sense Talent Management. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons, Inc.


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