HLTH 507 Liberty University Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Research Paper

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The document below describes an ethical framework that can be used in either the development or evaluation of public health policy interventions. While many codes of ethics are used to guide health practitioners, several frameworks have been developed to turn ethical theory into practice. Use the ethical framework to analyze one (1) of the CDC’s 6|18 Initiative of your choice. You should have 3 sections that include analyzation, evaluation, justification as outlined in the Framework.

AMA style formatting, in-text referencing and reference section is required on all posts.


CDC.6-18-factsheet.pdf (On this list I’d like to discuss Preventing type 2 diabetes)

To encourage your research skills and to add to the substance of your discussion – each forum should have a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed resources/references for your thread.

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