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Homework: The Historical Reality of Sinclair’s Jungle

Directions: Complete the reading listed below. Then type out your answers to the questions. You should submit your answers to Canvass and be prepared to discuss your answers to these questions in class on the day they are due.

1) James Barrett, “Introduction” to The Jungle

This reading can be found in the opening/intro section to Sinclair’s The Jungle. If you purchased another version of The Jungle other than the one in the bookstore, you may not be able to access this reading.

2) Sinclair, The Jungle [1st 200 or so pages]

Homework Questions:

  1. Barrett is a historian and in his introduction to The Jungle he details what Upton Sinclair got historically accurate and what he got wrong from a historical point of view. For your homework, draw up a list with two columns detailing what Sinclair got correct and what he got wrong, historically speaking.
  2. For the first 200 or so pages of The Jungle write a one paragraph reaction/reflection to it. You meet Jurgis and his family. What kind of people are they? What problems/challenges do they face and how do they attempt to solve these problems?

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