History Discussion

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1. You may find it interesting to know that none of the delegates at the Constitutional Convention thought there would be political parties in the United States, nor did they want them; as Jefferson put it, ‘If I could go to Heaven with a political party, or Hell without one, I should choose Hell.’ With this in mind, have parties been good or bad for the U.S., or are they good now? Could we do without them? I’m not asking you to answer each part of this, but just trying to open your heads to think about the Topic.

2. Who was the greater prophet of the American future – was it Hamilton or Jefferson who got it right in terms of imagining the future of this country?

3. What did you find interesting regarding the constitutional crisis of John Adams’ administration?

4. What did you find interesting regarding foreign aid during the War for Independence?

5. Did they get it right, or is there something you’d change about the Constitution, then or now?

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