History 2

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Part 1: Due at 11:55 pm on Friday, May 4:


Read the attached article titled “Punishment Article”.

Post a response to one of the following questions. Make it clear which question you are addressing.

In all cases, provide citations from the article in your response. You may also use information from the textbook if you like.

Do not post your answer as an attachment.

a) What were the changes in punishment trends discussed in the article? How do you think these changes are related to the basic Enlightenment ideals and goals?

b) The author gives the example of the shift from permanent scaffolding to temporary scaffolding in European cities as evidence of a broader trend. What is that trend, and do you think the scaffolding example is strong evidence?

c) The issue of humane methods of capitol punishment can be controversial. What were the methods of capitol punishment discussed in the article? How would these methods be compared to today’s methods in the United States?

The article is attached below.

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