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I need to answer these questions 


1. What are three basic reasons to evaluate a program? 

2. How does evaluation help you understand whether a theory is applicable or useful?

 3. What in the current public health program environment makes evaluation an impera- tive, on top of the other important reasons for doing it?

 4. What are the three basic types of evaluation, and what is the purpose of each? 

5. What is a logic model, and how does a logic model help you connect theory to outcome or impact?

1. What is meant by racial/ethnic disparities in health? Why is this an important issue?

2. What are some of the key factors contributing to these disparities? 

3. Although the phrase racial ethnic disparities in health covers many different situations, the idea of a vulnerable population ties these together. Explain.

 4. How can you use individual theories/ approaches to address health disparities? 

5. How can you use social, group, community, and organizational theories/approaches to address disparities

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