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Continue: Three Abbreviated Research Plans

In this week’s video segment, Dr. Wilson details a study
that called for a mixed methods approach and the ways in which her profession
in general draws from different strategies and approaches. By incorporating
quantitative and qualitative approaches in an abbreviated mixed methods
research plan this week, you too will gain a broader understanding of the range
of research possibilities.

This Week: Submit Draft
of an Abbreviated Mixed Methods Research Plan

To prepare for this Application, first focus on the
following instructions:

Review Chapter 10 in the course text, Research Design, the
“Trustworthiness” and “Threats to Internal Validity”
handouts, and the “Mixed Methods: Examples” media segment.

Review the article “On Becoming a Pragmatic Researcher:
The Importance of Combining Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Consult Table 10.1 (p. 205) in the course text, Research
Design, to guide you in polishing your abbreviated mixed methods research plan.

Next, ask yourself the following questions:

What are your research questions? To what extent can you
test them? How would you justify the viability of your questions?

What are your hypotheses? How would you test them?

Why would this design be the most appropriate for answering
the research questions? Conversely, why would quantitative or qualitative on
their own not be appropriate?

For a mixed methods design, which design is the primary one?
Why is that appropriate?

What approach would you select for this study (experimental,
survey, ethnography, grounded theory, etc.)? Why is that approach the most
appropriate one for answering the research questions?

What theoretical framework or perspective would you use?

What is your target population? How would you identify and
recruit participants? What factors would contribute to determining appropriate
sample size? You will not need to calculate sample size for this assignment.

If appropriate for your plan, what instruments might you

What data collection procedures might you use? Why would
those be the most appropriate methods to use? How would that data help to
answer your research question(s)/hypotheses?

How would you ensure quality and reliability of data?

What are threats to validity? How might you mitigate them?

How might you analyze the data?

What are the ethical considerations related to the plan?

The assignment:

Craft a 2- to 3-page paper in which you do the following:

Provide an introduction.

Provide a purpose statement.

Provide viable research questions/hypotheses.

Generate a written research plan that addresses the above

The topic we will use for all three plans is:

Stress pervades many areas of life. Whether it is stress
from relationships, work, school, or the social environment, research has shown
that it can have a profound impact on mental health, physical well-being,
productivity, performance, and decision making. Research on cognitive appraisals,
coping, and social support has also provided insight into how people view and
manage stress.

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