Develop the SWOT for your selected brand linking micro and macro-environment analysis… 1 answer below »

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Task: Your group needs to select an eco-tourism brand/company operating in Australia with a web presence.

Your choice of business must be approved by your lecturer/tutor.

1. Develop the SWOT for your selected brand linking micro and macro-environment analysis

2. Suggest a new product for your brand, targeting the current and potential market

3. Revise the existing Marketing mix strategies for the proposed new product

This business report should include the following content:

• Executive summary 100 words

• Table of Contents

• Introduction 50 words

• Company summary 50 words

• Industry overview: Description of the relevant industry, including relevant statistics from industry

sources such as ABS, IBIS World, peer-reviewed articles, etc. Appropriate facts and figures on market

size (Growth and the profitability) 200 words

• The brand’s Micro (company, customers, suppliers, intermediaries, competitors, publics) and Macro

Environment (demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, cultural) 500 words

• Develop the SWOT

• Market Segmentation: Provide four (4) appropriate market segments for the company to consider

targeting –use a segmentation table to present this information. 300 words

• Positioning: include a positioning statement and illustrate where your company is positioned,

relative to competitors, on a positioning map (sometimes referred to as a perceptual map) 200


• New product rationale for the target market 100 words


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