Need help with Assumptions and Summary. Please help me. DatabaseModel description (not a process…

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Need help with Assumptions and Summary. Please help me. DatabaseModel description (not a process narrative – you will be creatingthat): You will create an Entity Relationship diagram (ERD) fromthe database design model. This is not as easy as it sounds sincewhile there may be a one-to-one correspondence between eachdatabase table and each entity in the ERD, the logicalrelationships between the entities in the ERD may well NOT be thesame as those between the table in the database table – ofnecessity every DBMS can impose implementation constraints oninter-relationships that do not reflect the real life datastructure relationships (i.e. exactly what an ERD tries tocapture). You will attempt to write a case narrative that describesthe data entities as well as the activities performed in thisbusiness situation as supported by the database (you can assumethis database is in use by some kind of an organization) Based onthe narrative you wrote you will now create a Swimlane diagram todescribe the actors/roles and the flow of activities you haveinferred. You then make a list of the assumptions (for eachdiagram) you have made about the case (for example ) as youdeveloped these models and the case narrative. You will then make alist of follow-up question to ask users to fill in gaps in yourknowledge about this case in the wake of creating your models. As ateam you will check your work for logical consistency across thenarrative and requirements models you have created, editing wherenecessary. In the Rapid City Bus Company many Drivers can beassigned to a Route and many Routes can be assigned to a Driver.Each Route may many Buses assigned to it but might not have any Busassigned to it. Each Bus must be assigned to a Garage though aGarage could be empty or could service many Buses.

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