Ratio and Financial Statement Analysis 1. Ratio and Financial Statement Analysis – Your essay should

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Ratio and Financial Statement Analysis 1. Ratio and Financial Statement Analysis – Your essay should critically analyzethe benefits and limitations of ratio analysis, explaining what factors impact themeaningfulness of such measures and what new practices or theories may beemerging regarding the application of ratio and financial statement analysis.Emphasize practical applications and real-world use of ratios synthesizing yourreadings in published research or survey articles (Relevant Text Material: ParrinoChapters 3 & 4). 2. Capital Budgeting, Net Present Value, and other Decision Tools – Write anessay that analyzes the pros and cons of the commonly used measures ( NPV,IRR, PI, MIRR, DPB) and come to a conclusion based on the literature thatyou surveyed as to which methods are theoretically correct and those popular.Emphasize real-world practices of capital budgeting methods, including projectapproval processes. Synthesize the discussions in published research or surveyarticles (Text Material: Parrino – Chapter 10). 3. Financial Management in Multinational Organizations – Write an essaythat describes how multinational organizations use the financial managementpractices, for example use of debt, dividend policy, managerial ownership,corporate governance, etc. Topics in (1) and (2) above can be included, but theessay and references should focus on international differences and practices incorporations/organizations outside U.S.
…. 4. Financial Management in Nonprofit Organizations – Discuss financial

management in nonprofit organizations and write an essay that compares andcontrasts the application of financial management techniques in nonprofit andfor-profit organizations. Sources of funds, use of debt, performance evaluation(efficiency in use of contributions and meeting the organization’s objectives),governance mechanisms in non-profits, etc. would be good topics/issues fordiscussion in the essay. 5. Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Systems – Write an essay comparing the traditional managementsystems to the above two systems – in terms of differences in approaches,achieving efficiencies, cost savings, and firm profitability. Include in your essaythe findings from different studies that have analyzed/examined alternativeapproaches to SCM and CRM (Text Material: Jiambalvo – Chapter 1). 6. Cost Allocations & Activity Based Costing (ABC) – Describe the cost

allocation and ABC approaches in for-profit firms (corporations) and the differentways of implementation in real-world business enterprises. Analyze ABC’spotential strengths and weaknesses within a company. Include a discussion ofsteps needed to ensure a successful implementation of ABC, the associatedcosts & benefits, efficiency gains, profitability implications, etc. (Text Material:Jiambalvo – Chapter 6). 7. Costing & Pricing Decisions – Write an essay on the practice of cost

allocations (particularly joint costs, sunk costs, and opportunity costs) and pricingdecisions (e.g., cost-plus pricing, target costing, and activity-based pricing) incorporations. Include in your discussion the major differences in those variousapproaches and their appropriateness in the context of the nature of costs,industry differences, competitiveness, etc. Also relate the implications for firm’sprofitability (Text Material: Jiambalvo – Chapters 7 & 8).

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