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.gif”>Leadership Term

Term Project:

term project is required for this class and counts for (20% of final grade).
The project described as follows: Choose a company/organization i.e.
aviation/aerospace; government; industry, or academic/non-profit and then
conduct an analysis of the company/organization, to include (as a minimum):

• Charter/mission

• Organizational structure

• Organizational culture

• Management style and philosophy

• Accomplishments – last 10 years

• Alliances/partnerships (with other organizations)

• Stakeholder analysis (who are its funders,
customers, beneficiaries, etc. — Who has a stake in the organization’s

Parameters and Resources:

avoid duplication among the class, your choice of company/organization must be
approved by the instructor prior to beginning research. The length of the term
project is a minimum of 3000 words, exclusive of front matter, figures and
tables. Grading will be based on content and adherence to required format. The
project will be written in the style set forth in the current edition of the
Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA). Students
will be expected to research their projects using a collegiate library, or the
Jack Hunt library through the Embry-Riddle Daytona Beach campus.

Term Project Plan:

• Module
2 – Submission of company/organization choice
• Module
8 – Submission of Reference Page
• Module
9 – Submission of Term Project

Submitting Term Project activities
throughout this course will help you stay on track and focused instead of
waiting until the last module week to complete your project.

**This project is due before the end of Module 9. You should
work on your project throughout this course, so do not wait until the last
minute to complete this project. Projects will not be accepted late without
prior approval. Papers will be submitted to SafeAssign, a plagiarism tool.

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