Create a strategic plan for Class Communication A strategic plan is designed to be in use for three

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Create a strategic plan for Class Communication A strategic plan is designed to be in use for three to five
years (or more) For your individual

Strategic Plan Project, you will write a strategic plan
using the information below

Executive Summary:

Start with an executive summary of your strategic plan

Company Background:

Identify the organization that you have chosen for your
strategic plan Provide a brief background of this organization including its
products, services and customers Include the organizations strategic
planning model (including the history of successes and failures associated with
the process)

Mission Statement & Vision Statement:

How does the mission, vision and values aid to the
organization in reaching its desired end state? Include the mission statement
and vision statement and refer to it in your analysis

Internal Analysis & External Analysis:

Write an assessment of the organization including their
ability to accomplish goals and objectives as set in their previous strategic
plan(s) and, their ability to respond to internal and external changes and

SWOT analysis of your planâ??s focus area(s):

Incorporation of the SWOT findings into clearly stated goals
and objectives for a 3-5 year period

focusing on your strategic plan area(s)

You will have 3-4 goals for each year with 3-4 measurable
objectives for each goal Goals can span several years Outline your goals and
objectives clearly and then provide a narrative explanation for each

Long Term Objectives:

For Class Communications, discuss the long term objectives
in your strategic plan

Strategy Analysis and Choice:

Choose the generic strategy and grand strategy Then chosen
and discuss why you have chosen each and how they will fit within the framework
of the organization

Plan Goals and Implementation:

Discuss the goals and implementation for the business
strategy Include in this discussion the organizational structure and the
leadership and culture

Critical Success Factors:

Describe the critical success factors

Controls and Evaluation:

List and describe controls and evaluation methods

1,429 words, no references, areas to expand

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