Using newspapers, news and opinion magazines, academic journals, a maximum of three direct reputable

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Using newspapers, news and opinion magazines, academic journals, a maximum of three direct reputable online resources, or recently published books, you will write an eight-page (this means eight complete pages) double-spaced paper. Your paper may consider the arguments posed within branches of government, by journalists, media, and academia.
Paper Question: Which of the two major American parties, the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, best upholds the self-evident truths or unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness stated in the Declaration of Independence? Write a paper defending either political party utilizing factual information about their platform and specific policies. This is not an opinion paper, but an argumentative essay. You must provide evidence to support your claims. Essential items for the paper should include:
1. An argument for why one party is superior in upholding the Declaration principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You need to first specifically define the principles based on John Lockes and Thomas Jeffersons definitions, using primary or secondary sources (not lecture notes) and then apply each principle to a specific policy you will address where appropriate. You cannot make up your own definitions.
2. A demonstration of a thorough understanding of the platform and policies of both parties. You will do this by selecting three policy issues of your choice (one for life, one for liberty, one for the pursuit of happiness) and then accurately portray each partys position on each issue and evidence of their position (i.e., laws that have been supported.) You will then argue for which one is right according to Declaration principles.
3. Faith component: The Declaration states that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are unalienable because they are God given rights. How does your political party adhere to these principles? Please address this component of the paper by drawing upon your own faith tradition and factual information about the partys platform and policies to make your argument based on your three policy areas. Material from your faith tradition can come in the form of official doctrinal statements from your church/denomination or position papers that your church/denomination produces. For example a Roman Catholic would look to papal encyclicals. Someone from a conservative evangelical position might look to denominational statements or a group like the Gospel Coalition. This portion of the paper should be no longer than one and a half pages in length. You must carefully consider the proper context and interpretation of Scripture. This means it is not your own personal interpretation. Your biblical arguments must be in line with APUs positional statements.

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