To feel dignified, one must be needed by others…the single most important part of a neededness agend

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To feel dignified, one must be needed by others…the single most important part of a
neededness agenda is putting more people to work. -Arthur Brooks, pp. 109/111
How can one even begin to speak of the dignity of labour when one secretly feels ones
job should not exist? Its as if someone were out there making up pointless jobs just for
the sake of keeping us all working. -David Graeber
To [employers] we are just costs of production to be minimized…treated no better than
the tools and machines…the fundamental goal of a union is to change the relationship
between labor and management…workers fight for a union was a fight for dignity and
respect. -Michael Yates, p. 42
For…labor unions, the way forward is to demand higher wages and labor security. But
for most in the precariat, wages will cease to provide a dignifying standard of living. The
struggle must focus elsewhere. -Guy Standing
In recent years, there have been major shifts in employment towards precarity, declining union
membership, and declining labor market participation.
Compare and contrast the views of two or more of the following authors: Brooks, Graeber,
Yates, and Standing, on the appropriate economic and political responses to these economic
changes. In your view, who presents the most compelling and desirable arguments, plans, or
observations about the future of work and livelihood that we should be aiming for as a society?
Why? How do your own experiences of work, your employment aspirations or fears, and your
observations about the significance of work or unemployment in the lives of people you know
confirm or contradict the authors claims?

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