For this assessment, use the utilitarianism theory to analyze the value dilemmas that health care pr

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For this assessment, use the utilitarianism theory to analyze the value dilemmas that health care providers must confront.
In your paper, complete the following.
Synthesize the ethical principles and methodologies by which health care managers can understand, analyze, and resolve ethical issues.
Analyze the concept of health care as a fundamental human need to the constraining realities of the marketplace.
Analyze whether government should become involved in the matters of health care allocation and distribution.
Apply ethical practice standards to the transmittal of health care information.
Synthesize the scholarly literature for decision making in health care ethical dilemmas to develop recommendations for future applications and research areas.
Include the following components on your paper:
Title page: Include a descriptive title that indicates your chosen topic focus.
Table of contents: Orient the reader to the main parts of the paper.
Abstract: Describe the purpose of the paper and what it accomplishes.
Introduction: State your approach and assumptions, the background the reader needs to understand your approach, and how you intend to address the key issues.
Applications: Evaluate how legal and ethical practice standards and health care decision making are applied in health care services delivery.
Assumptions: Synthesize the information from the trend and application analyses with assumptions about the current and future use of ethics and decision making in health care. Provide the rationale and supporting data for each assumption.
Conclusions: Summarize your findings and speak to future applications and research areas in ethics and health care decision making.
Appendices: These are not required but may be included at your discretion. If included, appendices should be relevant and provide supporting information relative to the topic.

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