Summarize the entire report, including the main problem facing the company, possible solutions,… 1 answer below »

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Bloomberg Businessweek Case Assignment Instruction assignment is a comprehensive analysis and discussion of a case chosen by students from Bloomberg Businessweek, and should be prepared from a "consultant's" viewpoint. Students are required to find an Operations Management (OM)-related article from Bloomberg Businessweek ( and discuss/analyze the operational problems/issues/scenarios faced by the company in the article through applying relevant and appropriate OM concepts/methods/approaches. After in-depth analyses of the problems, students are expected to offer recommendations/strategies to solve the operations problems. The report should be 3 to 5 pages in length, with 1” margins on all sides, double-spacing, and 12 point font. Students are expected to analyze the chosen case carefully, and, if needed, search for additional information using any resources such as the Internet. The purpose of this assignment is twofold: The primary purpose is to analyze chosen real world companies’ operational problems, apply learned OM concepts/tools to solve the problems and improve their operational performance; and the secondary purpose is to make learning more relevant by keeping abreast of current trends and issues prevailing in the field of operations management and keeping track of recent business news regarding real world companies’ operational issues. The report must have the following sections: 1. Abstract (150 words maximum) – Summarize the entire report, including the main problem facing the company, possible solutions, and recommendations. 2. Bloomberg Businessweek article – Copy and paste the article’s web link. Summarize the article using your own words. – Briefly introduce the background of the chosen company (you can use internet and any other sources). 3. Problem Description – Describe the major problem faced by the company in the article. – You should figure out and focus on the most important problem to the company in problem description and analysis, although you can introduce several problems/issues for information purposes. 4. Problem Analysis and Discussion of Possible Solutions – Analyze its current problems/issues by applying appropriate learned OM concepts/tools. – Discuss alternative solutions to the problem. – Suggest recommendations with logical explanations. 5. Conclusion

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