Hypothetical: The municipal employees of the Town of Cheapside don’t care much for the newly…

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Hypothetical: The municipal employees of the Town of Cheapside don’t care much for the newly elected Mayor. During the campaign, he stated his position that all of the town’s budget problems could be solved if union members weren’t so greedy. He also stated that he would cut the wages and benefits of non-represented employees who have historically received the same wages and benefits as union members. Now that he’s been elected, he’s publicly announced that his first cost-saving measure will be to layoff as many non-represented employees as possible – beginning with the older, higher paid ones.
You are Cheapside’s Personnel Director. You have informed the new Mayor that for months you have heard vague mumblings and grumblings of dissatisfaction amongst three non-represented clerical employees in the Town's Finance Department; you believe that they are weighing the costs and benefits of union membership but don't know if they have taken any formal action and that his election will likely bring matters to a head. The Mayor wants to know why these people are unhappy, what he can do to dissuade or stop them from becoming union members and if he can’t, can he at least force them to join an existing unit? Ideally, he would like to fire all three employees rather than deal with their sniveling. He thinks that terminating them is a good start at fulfilling his campaign promises and will make other employees think twice before engaging in similar attempts to derail his efforts to balance the Town's budget.
Assume for the purposes of this assignment that the previous Mayor refused to meet with the employees or give you the authority to address their complaints about mold in the ventilation system. Your job is to answer the Mayor's questions, explain to him why the non-represented employees might want to organize and advise him on the ramifications of firing the "snivelers". You should also assume that the memo is confidential and not subject to public disclosure.
Page limit: 4 pages
Reminder: As we learned in unit 4, the NLRA and its amendment, the Taft-Hartley Act does not apply to state and local workers. Most states have comparable laws regarding what employers and employees can and cannot do in labor disputes. You may use the federal laws as the basis of your analysis in this assignment or rely on your own State laws if you are familiar with the provisions from your professional experience.
With respect to your memo, I expect you to use proper business memo format (single space within paragraphs, double space between them), but also comply with APA guidelines pertaining to margins (1 inch), font size and type (12 pt Times New Roman), title and reference pages and source attribution within the memo. Be aware that in order to fully address the issues in the Assignment, your memo will be longer than the typical one-page business memo and should contain scholarly research, properly cited within your paper and the reference page using APA format requirements.

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