Write a brief proposal of the upgrades high lighting the advantages and possible problems that…

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1. Write a brief proposal of the upgrades high lighting the advantages and possible problems
that may be encountered . Highlight legal obligations .
2. Provide realistic running cost savings from new equipment . The hotel has between 20- 30
double guest rooms ( you choose ) provide purchasing and running cost information for new
split system air conditioners and lighits. The old air conditioners are 2 star 3kw units and the
lights at 18 w flurescent tubes, 4 in each room .
3. The swimming pool fences need to be replaced , research legal options , along with
contractors to install fence and resurface the swimming pool . Provide a sustainable option for
pool heating .
4. Source local sustainable suppliers, create new theme and logo for the restaurant
5. Utilise department heads to manage the project , chef , Food and beverage manager and
Front office manager with you being the project manager . Give each department head a
portfolio to manage and clearly outline their responsibilities in redevelopment along with their
KPIs. Ensure you are able to rate their performance against their KPIs as you monitor the
project .
6. Create an interactive Gannt chart that clearly shows departmental roles and allocates tasks to
other staff and contractors as required. Each department must have 4-5 tasks that it is
undertaking, each of these tasks will need to have multiple components ie planning ,
implementation and conclusion and the tasks must be monitored and rated as the progress
against quality , time and budget . Ensure some tasks experienced problems and record
these. Reports must be generated from these results
7. Write a conclusion to this project that outlines how the project was undertaken , the benefits
and the problems encountered . How the project may have been handeled differently . How
the project will help the long term prospects of the hotel .

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