Critique the Professionals Locate an example online of a negative-news message from any company…. 1 answer below »

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Critique the Professionals Locate an example online of a negative-news message from any company. Possible examples include announcements of product recalls, poor financial results, layoffs, and fines or other legal troubles. Analyze the approach the company took; was it the most effective strategy possible? Did the company apologize, if doing so would have been appropriate under the circumstances, and does the apology seem sincere? Does the tone of the message match the seriousness of the situation? Does the message end on a positive note, as appropriate? Using whatever medium your instructor requests, write a brief analysis of the message (no more than one page), citing specific elements from the piece and support from the chapter. Sharpen Your Career Skills Online Bovée and Thill’s Business Communication Web Search, at, is a unique research tool designed specifically for business communication research. Use the Web Search function to find a website, video, PDF document, podcast, or presentation that offers advice on conveying negative news in business messages. Write a brief e-mail message to your instructor or a post for your class blog, describing the item that you found and summarizing the career skills information you learned from it. mybcommlab If your course uses mybcommlab, log on to to access the following study and assessment aids associated with this chapter: Video applications Pre/post test Real-Time Updates Personalized study plan Peer review activity Model documents Quick Learning Guides Sample presentations If you are not using mybcommlab, you can access Real-Time Updates and Quick Learning Guides through The Quick Learning Guide (located under “Learn More” on the website) hits all the high points of this chapter in just two pages. This guide, especially prepared by the authors, will help you study for exams or review important concepts whenever you need a quick refresher.


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