61. While culture affects people in many ways, three factors are particularly relevant in consumer..

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61. While
culture affects people in many ways, three factors are particularly relevant in
consumer behavior: ______.
A. Language, values, and attitude
B. Language, attitude, and nonverbal communications
C. Values, attitudes and language
D. Values, beliefs, and language
E. Language, values, and nonverbal communications

62. _____
are principles shared by a society that assert positive ideals. These
principles are often viewed on a continuum.
A. Attitudes
B. Beliefs
C. Mores
D. Cultural values
E. Moral beliefs

63. In
the United States,
the obligation and commitment to family is often limited to an individual’s
immediate family, including their parents, children, and siblings. Most Latin
American cultures, on the other hand, have a more wide-ranging definition of
family that includes extended family members such as cousins and grandparents
and also more inclusive with extended family members living together. This is
an example of differences in ______.
A. Cultural values
B. Norms
C. Value preferences
D. Family structure
E. Living standards

64. What
are the two important elements of nonverbal communication?
A. Eye contact and voice modulation
B. Power distance and time orientation
C. Language and accent
D. Values and beliefs
E. Time and space

65. _______
is the means of communicating through facial expressions, eye behavior,
gestures, posture, and any other body language.
A. Cultural
B. Nonverbal communication
C. Communiqué
D. Situational communication
E. Verbal communication

66. ______
is NOT an example of negative nonverbal communications during a
A. Swaying
B. Stuttering
C. Hands in pockets
D. Fidgeting
E. Eye contact

67. Retailers
devote a lot of time and resources to create the right physical surrounding to
improve the customers’ shopping experience. This indicates importance of
________ factors.
A. Situational
B. Cultural
C. Social
D. Economical
E. Internal

68. Stacy
is from the United States.
She is likely to be much more of a _____ than her Latin American
A. Adventurer
B. Clock watcher
C. Procrastinator
D. Hugger
E. Relationship builder

69. Maria
identifies with a specific religious group, which is a smaller subset of her
culture. Maria’s religious group is an example of a(n) _____.
A. Institution
B. Social group
C. Support network
D. Subculture
E. Society

70. An
individual watching an ad on the Major League Baseball World Series will act
differently whether watching the show at home alone or at a party with friends
due to differences in _____.
A. Physical surroundings
B. Lighting
C. Sounds
D. Distractions
E. Cultural values

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