This is the following assignment:Paper Topic: Arbitration is a method of “alternative dispute resolu

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This is the following assignment:Paper Topic: Arbitration is a method of “alternative dispute resolution” (ADR). More and more consumer-type contracts generated by corporate business require mandatory arbitration of any disputes between company and consumer (these will ordinarily be consumer-generated complaints). Research the concept of “mandatory arbitration” and discuss the legal issues related to: a) the Seventh Amendment right to a jury trial; b) consumer-type contracts that are not freely negotiated between company and consumer; c) the effect of such agreements upon potential class-action lawsuits; and d) possible legal defenses to mandatory arbitration. You will need to research this topic by utilizing LexisNexis, Google, and other search engines (look at pages 53-55 of the textbook for samples of research sources). Make sure you provide endnote citations for any and all used and cited material, whether direct quotations or concepts that you adopt from the research sources. Cited materials should include a minimum of three relevant appellate court decisions from any jurisdiction. A bibliographic list does not take the place of specific citations (you need to identify specific source, including author, title, and page number). This paper must be no less than three typewritten pages, single-spaced, exclusive of endnotes. Paper format should be no greater than one-inch margins. Use Times New Roman or other similar script, no larger than 12 font size.

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