Welcome Aboard! Introductory PostNo unread replies.66 replies.Welcome to MANG 291 Business Communica

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Welcome Aboard! Introductory PostNo unread replies.66 replies.Welcome to MANG 291 Business Communication! My name is Tiffany Park and I will be your professor for this course. I’m really excited to be working with all of you this semester, so thanks for joining me in this online class. I always like to let you all introduce yourselves, so please take a few moments to tell us who you are! Thanks once again for all of your hard work and endurance in our course. Our projects and posts should all be simple to complete, but please be sure to review the guidelines for each activity so that you don’t miss any important details. Don’t forget that I’m always here to help guide you as well! GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR OUR DISCUSSION BOARD:Students will be required to submit a well-thought out discussion board post containing at least 150 words by the appropriate due date listed. For this summer, we have a total of 8 discussion board posts, but some are simple highlights from your projects. You all do such great work and I think it is meaningful to share this coursework with the entire class.When crafting your posts, please use content from our course. Please make use of vocabulary from each module in your posts. You can bold or underline terms from our course.You will also be required to submit one response to a fellow classmate consisting of at least 55 words.If you do not meet the general post requirements, your post will not receive full credit.Additional guidelines can be found here: .longwood.edu/courses/1264100/pages/guidelines-for-discussion-board-posts”>Guidelines For Discussion Board PostsFIRST POST:In your introduction post, you should begin by sharing your name, home town, year in school, and specific academic major.You may focus the remainder of your discussion board post in 1 of the following ways:Share your business/career/professional goals with the class if you have a clear idea of what you’d like to do professionally. Briefly share the reasoning behind your decision to pursue these goals. You may also share the story of how you arrived at this decision!Share the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given and why you like the advice and how it has impacted your life.Share your favorite experience from your time on Longwood’s campus as a student. Talk about a great class, a useful project, a great learning experience, the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn or a positive memory from your time on campus, etc. Describe an unusual or significant personal experience, share an important personal belief or pet peeve, briefly tell us about a favorite hobby or interest, or tell us about someone who has been particularly influential in your life, – a family member, a famous person or a fictional character.Finally – Do you have any initial questions after carefully reviewing the syllabus, your assignments, the Canvas site and McGraw-Hill Connect Plus classroom site? We won’t use McGraw-Hill Connect Plus for any communication. We just venture in to that site for quizzes. You are free to view all of the course content for support as well.Welcome aboard and thanks for choosing to take our class online! I am really looking forward to working with each of you this semester! This is always a great class, so thanks for bringing out your best for your fellow Lancers!Hello, my name is Toni and I am from Richmond, VA. I am currently a Junior Communications Major with a concentration in Public Relations and I minor in Business Administration. I am very excited to see what this class has in store me. Given my time here at Longwood University, I have learned many things and experienced more then I intended. I find myself giving more advice on the lessons I have learned; to any person I have come in contact with. The best advice I have ever given would be “Just because something seems impossible doesn’t mean it is not possible.†So often I find myself come across many obstacles in my life. My theory is, obstacles are only temporary if you allow them to be. They are not meant for you to stop. They are meant for you to overcome. For an example, college can be complicated sometimes. It is a new sort of workload that pushes our work ethic and challenges your ability to complete any task.Thank you, for taking the time to teach this course. After, reading the syllabus and the calendar, I believe I have a clear understanding of what you are looking for. However, what is the best way to contact you through Skype? Do you have the Skype name located anywhere on the syllabus or calendar? ORHi! My name is Kris and I am from Montpelier, Va. I will be a Senior this fall majoring in Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting and Drawing. I’m excited to be in this class because I’ve never taken any sort of business class and I think it will be very educational. As an artist, we are taught in school how to draw and how to paint and a lot of technical skills. However, after we graduate we have to start making and selling art and act as a businessman or woman for ourselves. I don’t really know what to expect from this class but I’m eager to learn and gain some professional knowledge that I can use in the real world! I’m also excited to hopefully learn some things that will help me succeed as a real world artist and make some money off of my pieces

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