Constitutional Law for Business and E-Commerce (graded)Please discuss Constitutional Law for Busines

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Constitutional Law for Business and E-Commerce (graded)Please discuss Constitutional Law for Business and E-Commerce emphasizing the connections between business, law, politics and ethics. What is the Supremacy Clause and how does it function?Administrative Law and Regulatory Agencies (graded)Please discuss Administrative Law and Regulatory Agencies emphasizing the connections between business, law, politics and ethics. How are Administrative Agencies created?Death Penalty (Graded) Bonus Question 1Happy Week 2 to all. Here is our first bonus question for the week……….last week we discussed the death penalty and its non-application in California and many other states. Do you personally approve of the death penalty? Why or why not? Again, no right or wrong answers here. In what crimes, if any might this be an appropriate punishment?Feel Good Legislation Part 1 (Graded) Bonus Question 2Here is our second bonus question for Week 2. Many cities, including Long Beach, recently implemented “Gun buyback Programs” to remove guns from their communities. How many bad guys do you think turned in their guns?Or, how do you feel about Obamacare? Does it make sense to you the entire program depends on our youngest adults, who usually make the least amount of money early in their careers, to buy insurance at higher premiums to support the older and more wealthy in our society?How about the plastic bag ban in Long Beach and other cities? A statewide ban failed when voters gathered enough signatures to put this on the ballot in the November, 2016 election. What about other litter that creates even more trash, yet is ignored by our legislators? Why not ban all litter? Oh, right, we already did this.And my personal favorite, it is illegal to walk a camel down Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Maybe this is not feel good legislation, but it is bewildering.Just looking for your thoughts on what many believe to be feel good legislation. Do you have others to add?Feel Good Legislation Part 2 (Graded) Bonus Question 3Our third bonus question for the week and this one is truly unbelievable. I recently went to the Long Beach City Council meeting to see what our elected officials are up to these days. Do you think you need your local city government to protect you from yourself? Apparently, Long Beach is heading in this direction. The council mentioned they a sponsoring a resolution to support and promote “Meatless Mondays to encourage residents to eat a more varied plant-based diet to protect their health.” Now they have gone too far! Leave my meat alone!! So far, it is only support for an idea, not a law to be enforced. With this type of thinking, can such a law really be that far behind? Is this really why we elect city council members? Are there not more pressing and important financial issues they should be considering?Haggen Failure a Big Market Miscalculation (Graded) Bonus Question 4How many people remember the ill fated attempt by Haggen to enter the Southern California grocery market? This occurred after the FTC approved the Safeway/Ablertsons merger with the condition they must divest any stores within a certain radius. According the the FTC, this was done to maintain competition. Enter Haggen, a small grocery store company in Bellingham Washington. Haggen made many headlines, very few of which were good. Haggen again made headlines recently by declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy. After landing in Southern California 6 months ago, Northwest grocer Haggen has filed for bankruptcy protection, a move considered one of the quickest collapses to hit the supermarket industry in decades, perhaps ever! The stores quickly closed down and now we are left with less competition. Supermarket analysts said Haggen underestimated the steep competition in Southern California, a $44 billion market that includes endless food buying options from deep discounters like Wal-Mart to niche operators like Trader Joe’s and Costco. Things appear to be getting even more competitive as Aldi, a German-owned chain known for selling steeply discounted knockoffs of popular brand name groceries will enter the region beginning in June, 2016 with 45 locations.What, if anything did Haggen do right? What did they do wrong? Should the FTC have taken this action without regard to the potential (in many analysts opinions, predictable) negative outcomes such as what we saw with the Haggen flameout. 10,000 employees lost their jobs as a result of this fiasco. As you know, this is a soap opera with many lawsuits and counter lawsuits pending. Plenty of legal, political and ethical issues for all!

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