The Director of Psychiatry in a large metropolitan hospital notices that many people admitted to the

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The Director of Psychiatry in a large metropolitan hospital notices that many people admitted to the Emergency Department for deliberate self-harm re-present to the hospital in the weeks and months following a subsequent incident of deliberate self-harm. She wants to reduce the re-admission rates of deliberate self-harm at the hospital, and wonders if a brief contact intervention in the form of a follow-up telephone call (to assess how individuals are feeling, and suggest avenues for community support) might lead to reductions in the number of re-admissions due to deliberate self-harm.

Q1Write a focused clinical question for this particular problem that will help you organise a search of the clinical literature for an answer. [4 marks]

Q2 If you were to search Medline/PubMed for original research on this question, describe what your search strategy would be. Be as specific as you can about keywords, MeSH terms, and delimiters. Explain your rationale for taking this approach and explain your reasoning. Cite the best article from among those you find.  [8 marks]

Q3 What type of study (study design) would best be able to address this question? Discuss why?  [5 marks]

Q4What information sources would you use to find an answer to questions such as the above? Name as many possible types or categories of information sources as you can that could be used to find relevant evidence. Although some sources are better than others, Discuss a few to demonstrate your awareness of the convenience, relevance and quality of common information sources in clinical practice. [5 marks]

 Answer questions 5a-d based on the following information:

You have brought to the attention of the hospital obstetrics service that a published trial reported an increased risk of attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children aged 7 years when acetaminophen was used during pregnancy. You suggested that given this evidence the unit should publish an information sheet for women attending the service. The results of the study are depicted in the table below:

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